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    We are happy to welcome you in our website! Here You can find desired information regarding certain medicines some of them are commonly used and some are less. Our health is probably the most important thing that humankind got from the nature. Our website was developed purposely to help You to keep your good health, improve Your wellbeing and deepen the knowledge of medicines.
    Medicine can be described as an area of practical and scientific human activity dedicated to studying abnormal and normal processes in our bodies, different diseases, abnormal conditions as well as how to improve peoples health. The term medicine is originated from Latin phrase ars medicina and has the same root as Latin verb medeor which means to heal.
    For treatment and prevention of various diseases many different drugs are used; drugs are pharmaceutical medicine which passed needed clinical tests, therefore they are allowed to be used to diagnose, to prevent and to treat illnesses. These pharmaceutical medicine are made from plants, minerals, they can be synthesized by using modern biotechnology and even some computer science. Dugs can be produced in different forms (liquid (extracts, solutions etc), soft (creams, ointments etc), hard (pills, powder etc) and also sprays.
    Here, on our website You will find medical drug reference book. For Your convenience all drugs are put in the alphabet order and the information about each of the drug contains following:

  • Name under which the drug is sold in pharmacies.

  • Synonyms of the exact drug or the other known names of the drug. Unfortunately, some of them have many synonyms thus only most common can be found here.

  • Composition and pharmaceutical form of the drug: we give You full composition of exact drug with active component or all components with their proportions and also, all pharmaceutical forms of the medicine, for example, pills, drops, suppository, creams, ointments, sprays etc).

  • Therapeutic properties: here we describe main pharmaceutical effects and qualities of the drug.

  • Therapeutic indications: That means different health conditions and diseases for which this exact drug can be prescribed by doctor.

  • How to use the drug: Here are all possible rules regarding how to take the medicine, its dosage, frequency of administration and probable treatment course. For some drugs there are no written schemes of administration because it is can only be done individually by Your doctor.

  • Side effects: Here You can find all known side effects and complications that might happen during the course of treatment or after that.

  • Contradictions: They can contain diseases and health conditions having which You are not allowed to take this medicine, or that administration of the drug is not recommended.

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Here we give You information if the drug can be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding. It is need to be noted that even without any contradiction pregnant or breastfeeding women must consult their doctor before taking any medicine. Nowadays a number of specific multivitamins with minerals were developed purposely for pregnant and breastfeeding women, all other drugs except mentioned above multivitamins should be taken only after consultation.

  • Interaction with alcohol: Unfortunately, to date there are not so much confirmed information regarding simultaneous use of drugs and alcohol, but it is worth to remember that it is strongly recommended not to combine medicine with any alcohol.

  • Special instructions: Here You can find information regarding possibility of combining exact drug with other medicine, with food, about prohibited combinations. Also we point out special properties of the medicine, for example, about sugar content which is important for the patient with diabetes, or about drugs influence to the nerve system etc.

  • Storing conditions: From here You will learn how to keep drug safely in proper correct way.

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